Dark Times In America

By Paul Nail 6.1.13

15-year-old is adult; twenty-six is a child’ from the sacrament of the leftist religion, to their dependency culture. It gives a perfect example of the counter cultures moral values, and their disdain for human life.

The illustration of dark times in the history of America. An uninformed majority of people have lost their common sense of morality and value for freedom. It’s real Fast and Furious for a president to get caught allowing gun smuggling; into a neighboring country; aiding and abetting drug cartels, which led to thousands of murders, in order to facilitate a gun control campaign in his own country.

And it’s blown off by his party as so much as gamesmanship. The Democrat party encourages a masked anarchist street thug movement called ‘Occupy’ plus whatever demon or street you can attach it to. The lame stream media tells us, it’s just civil disobedience with a few anarchists, the democrat parties junk yard dogs, nipping at the heels of the civil society. Brown shirts; they were called in another time, but it is still, now, dangerous times, indeed.

The increase in vitriolic political discourse, and a number of horrendous acts of murder, however politically motivated, some say. It may be, regarded by Islamic fascist in some parts of the world as religious martyrdom, in a twisted sort of way, or is it, just barbaric insanity, brought on by fanatical religious hysteria and lack of any moral character, in some cultures.

And what could be more character reinforcing than a president and his entire party, who blames others for his own mistakes, campaigns on revenge, an lies repeatedly, tells everyone “let me be clear”  and is not clear about anything, he asks you “Who do you believe; me, or your lying eyes”. Doesn’t it give you a sense of justice when the top law enforcement officer repeatedly breaks the law?

Arbitrarily enforcing the laws he wants to. Ducking and dodging behind; “ongoing investigation” or right out obfuscation, with a little “catch me if you can”, and then he complains, there must be something wrong, with all of you Americans, for being racial cowards.

A long list of egregious offensives, have permeated throughout this regime. The “organizer and chief” and his hole crew, like master minds of the past, spouting an Marxist philosophy, dividing the people with class warfare, using the power of the government to persecute his opposition, in the guides of fairness and equality, dereliction of duty to the point of high crimes and misdemeanors.

But when it comes to giving out billions in welfare and unearned tax credit refunds to illegal aliens there is nothing for the IRS to investigate, but the Tea Party is of real concern to them.

Obama’s incompetence is not the point here although it stands out a mile. The point is that Obama has proven to be a cold blooded political machine, completely devoid of unbiased leadership skills.

The founding fathers knew that our system was designed for people of moral character. They said that we deserve our nation only if we are a conscientious people. Mindful of the self evident truths of our founding, conservator’s of great ideas.

But president Obama’s willingness to push the envelope of change and his lack of moral boundaries are apparent to many. It’s simply because he was born in the captivity of his own blame America first crowd; his deeply felt ideology is rooted in a re-distributive communist big government model, and his jackboot policies has fostered an atmosphere of lawlessness.

For the sake of the country’s future and the nation as a hole, it’s time to put the brakes on this freewheeling mastermind. The hope of his eventual impeachment is not enough to preserve what freedom we have left.

The fourth branch of government is growing at a blinding speed and the un-elected bureaucracy is diligently working on the regulation tower of babel. The fascism of leftists at every level, deciding to punish anyone who might impugn or point out his felled assumptions, like useful idiots doing what they can to help the cause.

Obama’s actions have encouraged many to join him in the willful destruction of civil society, and the blatant disregard of law and the will of the people without consequence. It’s happening everywhere throughout the government, down through the democrats and union cronies to the streets thugs, on an ever increasing basis.

I have searched long and hard to find one positive aspect of the shameless transgressions, of our messianic prevaricator and chief and it seems to me, that we should just be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.


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