Utopianism Run Amuck

Listening to my favorite political news channel and the host there just endorsed the immigration law, and he said “when are we going to see the law”! This is the way things are now, that’s not analysis, that’s not substantive. Endorsing a law before you even read it, before it’s in final form is like buying a pair of shoes without trying them on, no one in their right mind would do that. There are a number of things it this bill that are absolutely outrageous, including setting up a bunch of democrat get out the vote organizations so called (Immigrant Advocacy Groups), thru which enormous sums of money is going to be funneled, in ordered to “Implement this bill”. For over, talking about how it really improves border security, when in fact border security doesn’t kick in immediately and legalization would, particularly the probation period. It is so easy for politicians to tell the people “Were going to heal eleven million illegal immigrants, were going to grow the economy, were going to do this and were going to do that” it’s endless. This is big government utopianism; we are surrounded by this, Obama-Care, Dodd-Frank, Immigration-Reform and Obama’s now on to Global-Warming. These massive bills create a large number of un-elected bureaucrats to write regulation un-accountable to the people. These massive so called reforms their imposing on us, all of which are enormously harmful and will create all kinds of misery and dislocation. Before we can digest one, there on to the next, how can anybody support government like this, how could anybody support behavior like this? This is not what the constitution is about; this is not what the framers envisioned with these massive omnibus bills. All kinds of loop holes, all kinds of out of control spending, all kinds of groups that benefit, incredible economic dislocation, all of this effects you directly. And in is intended to, somehow the big picture is mist, somehow the details are mist. So we have people in Washington and people who are talking about what’s going on in Washington, they are really talking about myths. This is mythology, talking in platitudes; “well we need to do something, it’s time to do something”, that’s not what you base legislation on “we have to do something”. And they keep doing something and that’s the problem. As I see it, there are certain markers and considerations that must be paramount when crafting legislation, the first one is to (Protect the Country) on many levels, protect the country from terrorist and protect the country from criminals: gangs, cartels and so forth. (Basic Justice) we have an immigration system a legal system broken by the same people that are legislating and the same president that’s talking all the time, and he has refused to enforce the law that they passed and signed themselves or their predecessors. It is they who are lawbreaker’s, it is they who are lawless, and to thin say they’re going to fix the system. Are they going to fix themselves? No! And here we go again. We currently have about 1 million immigrants a year; and the immigration-Reform bill is to bring in a projected 46 million over the next 10 years, an increase of about 460% into the country. Without consideration for future generations, lawmakers fell to see the influx of that many people would be staggering for any country. I don’t believe in the earnestness of most of these politicians. They haven’t earned it, and some of them are brazingly diabolical. It’s not that conservative Americans have a problem with this; it’s that a majority of Americans have a problem with this. It makes no sense. Because were being treated as second class citizen, were being treated as subjects, were being denounced. We want to support the law that they pass, we insist that the president enforce the laws we have. And there’s something wrong with us. This isn’t a border security law, they could pass that all by itself, and that’s the way it would work, that’s what you would do, that’s what I would do, that’s what any rational human being would do. You would say look, we’ve got to get control of the border and thin we would deal with the rest. Because the border it essential, it goes with national sovereignty, it goes with national security, it goes with law enforcement. Of course it’s what’s just and right when you have an immigration system. I’ve listened to what these politicians who support this, I’ve listened to Paul, I’ve listened to Marco, and their utterly unconvincing. And I see the other side that’s involved Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Menendez and on and on and on. And now the fix is in with: Chamber of Commerce, Big Unions (AFL-CIO), Latino advocates (La Raza), but not law enforcement. It’s a disgrace. And I see two Republicans, former governor of North Dakota and a senator from Tennessee; two men really insignificant as for as statesmanship goes, who all of a sudden in the eleventh hour come up with a plan. Border security first? No. Just to strengthen border security after immediate legalization and this probation period. Less I remind you the Republicans themselves in 2009 cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the (Border Fence) and (Border Patrol) on their own. In 2007 they accentually stop building the fence, 2006 they pass a law and Bush signed it in to law to build 700 miles of fence and we get 36 miles. Anybody claiming to represent the folks or anybody claiming to be compassionate and clings to this, it’s absurd. I would like to see one politician stand up and explain to the American people how Mexico is exporting their pour, and costing taxpayers 26 billion every year. More aid than we give to all the countries in the entire world combined, second only to the revenue they get form the oil they sales. The American people don’t want this, but they’re going to do it anyway. (Obama-Care) is driving up medical cost, choking doctors out of (Medicare), with un-accountable bureaucrats in control of who lives and dies, with a (Eugenic) type program with baby sacrifice thrown in by (Planned Parenthood). Obama’s (Global-Warming) agenda is using the (EPA) to shut down power plants, forcing up the cost of electricity and harassing property owners. The Dodd-Frank (Finical Reform) is forcing up the cost of doing business in the US forcing up the cost of consumer transactions. And now those of us who still pay taxes, are now concerned the IRS will abuse us for our political beliefs. It’s completely out of control! Now my numbers, and your numbers, are being collected to use in the future for God knows what, under the auspice of terrorism. With all this bad news it’s hard to keep your chin up, but the American people had their back against the wall before. God help us now.


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