Mr.Trump wins, The Battle Begins

Donald Trump The 45th President of the United States of America. Let’s all rejoice in this one victory over Tyranny for the long battle of restoring the Constitution lie’s before us. The corrosive nature of this so called progressive state-ism that plague’s the american culture, must be addressed in much the same way the founders refined ways to occupy and confound destructive forces in there time. The reasoning with the unreasonable is a waste of precious time, we must defeat them in the arena of ideas, vanquish there positions of power, restore the civil society with the sense of Justice for all. No longer can we acquiesce to the pseudo psychology of the shame game that state-ist play, let us not forget that it is a righteous cause, to protect our nation and defend the freedom for the generations to come.

We put our trust in you, President Trump, to serve protect and defend the Constitution and the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.

May you be blessed with wisdom and the strength to over come.


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