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FBI Virus Wide Spread

Computer users everywhere need to be aware of the “FBI virus” that has been around now for over a year. Statistics show that computers being serviced represent about 40 percent of the units brought in by customers for infection with the “FBI virus”. This virus has been so successful and is so dangerous because it’s elaborate, and it uses fear to coerce its victims. It’s important for computer users to remember that this virus is common place around the entire country. Some people have been duped into paying over $400 to get access to their operating system again.

This virus locks the computer, and displays an FBI badge, the user’s IP address and username on the screen. Alongside this display is a disclaimer that states that the computer user has been blocked from the internet for viewing or downloading illegal content like child pornography and other types of taboo websites. The disclaimer alongside the official FBI badge also states that the computer user will be granted access to the internet again by making payments of a few hundred dollars through Green Dot MoneyPak or other online services. Several versions of this virus look different, but they all have the same intent: scamming money from fearful computer users.

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The National Security Agency used a previously undisclosed term called PRISM, during a presentation   and they characterized PRISM as government technology used to aid in previously known information-gathering efforts, rather than a term to describe a new effort to obtain information from companies. The disclosure of efforts to obtain information from U.S. Internet companies was part of foreign-surveillance efforts. PRISM is not an undisclosed collection or data mining program,” the fact sheet states. “It is an internal government computer system used to facilitate the government’s statutorily authorized collection of foreign intelligence information from electronic communication service providers under court supervision.

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The Truth Will Have Its Day

By Charlie Daniels 6.1.13

Ever since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, except for very brief pauses, government entitlements have been on the increase until they are now considered by many to be just what the name implies: an entitlement, a birthright, a lifelong stipend, a cradle-to-grave monthly check that increases every time another child is born.

About half of America is dependent on the government to one degree or another and delivers a solid voting block for the candidate who promises to deliver the most goodies.

Presidents who continually increase the public handout can do no wrong in the eyes of a majority of the recipients of their largess. And this attitude of invincibility spills over into the public support of everything and every decision that the president makes and gives him unprecedented latitude to blame everything on someone else, shirk responsibility, appoint incompetent, arrogant people to positions of great power and take political partisanship to a historical high. Continue reading

Dark Times In America

By Paul Nail 6.1.13

15-year-old is adult; twenty-six is a child’ from the sacrament of the leftist religion, to their dependency culture. It gives a perfect example of the counter cultures moral values, and their disdain for human life.

The illustration of dark times in the history of America. An uninformed majority of people have lost their common sense of morality and value for freedom. It’s real Fast and Furious for a president to get caught allowing gun smuggling; into a neighboring country; aiding and abetting drug cartels, which led to thousands of murders, in order to facilitate a gun control campaign in his own country.

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Coherent Strategy

By Paul Nail on 5.1.13

There is a little something we all can do, turn the table on lib propaganda by exchanging it with our own mantra approach, based on that of the Roman Army. This was expressed by the maxim, “One barbarian can usually defeat one civilized soldier. Ten civilized soldiers can hold their own against ten barbarians. No number of barbarians can hold against a hundred civilized soldiers”.

We have proven this absolutely. The strategic discipline charged right into the middle of them and then fought as a solid mass in the very midst of thousands of enemies and left them screaming helplessly. We have gone viral by using the Roman opening, when they marched up in solid formation, threw their “pila, spears”, metaphorically at the enemy to break up what little the enemy had as formation and then went in as a solid block.

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Change can mean many things

Change can mean many things, some is evolutionary, some comes from revolution. Speaking only for myself, this is not some knee-jerk response to one bad deal I may not appreciate. It’s not exactly clear to me how we move forward from here. However, if we do not make fundamental adjustments to how America does business, we could easily languish economically as Japan has done for decades simply from playing the same old games. This is not really news; we’ve talked about the fundamental challenges now facing America for well over a year. What is increasingly clear is that a mostly old-thinking political establishment in Washington does not appear to be up to said challenges.

Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.