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Obama, Kanye, and the Media: Portraits of Cultural Marxists

Hat tip: Steve Deace

A wise man once said something about knowing a tree by its fruit, and there are three bitter fruits always harvested by a culture that has allowed Marxism to take root:

  • Leaders manipulate the public with outright lies and propaganda far exceeding the normal embellishments typical of politicians.
  • Intimidation and bullying of your opposition becomes the norm and self-righteously justified.
  • Demagoguery replaces common human decency and situational decorum.

In total, this is known as the “thugocracy,” which is always what Marxism becomes. Here are three recent examples, both blatant and subtle, that indicate ours is a culture that doesn’t have a long shelf life unless we return to our Western ideals. Continue reading


Coherent Strategy

By Paul Nail on 5.1.13

There is a little something we all can do, turn the table on lib propaganda by exchanging it with our own mantra approach, based on that of the Roman Army. This was expressed by the maxim, “One barbarian can usually defeat one civilized soldier. Ten civilized soldiers can hold their own against ten barbarians. No number of barbarians can hold against a hundred civilized soldiers”.

We have proven this absolutely. The strategic discipline charged right into the middle of them and then fought as a solid mass in the very midst of thousands of enemies and left them screaming helplessly. We have gone viral by using the Roman opening, when they marched up in solid formation, threw their “pila, spears”, metaphorically at the enemy to break up what little the enemy had as formation and then went in as a solid block.

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