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Donald Trump’s Argument for America

I don’t see a lot of political ads I like, let alone love. Most are dishonest, hokey, way too careful or so devoid of substance as to be completely meaningless. What you’re about to see is the exception to all of that. Its Donald Trump’s closing argument for why he should be our next president. And it’s powerful.


Can you truly buy influence from a politician?

Corporations have legal limits on the amount of money they can contribute to a political campaign, and the contributions are not tax-deductible. Notwithstanding a corporation can pay someone to give a speech, there is no legal limit on what the company may pay, and the speaker’s fee is tax-deductible as a business expense. It is a very good way to put money into the pockets of politician, with no doubt with the expectation of future benefits and favors.

Hillary Clinton in the last three years, was paid $21.7 million to give speeches by assorted companies. Here’s the list of her 92 involvements, with companies that hired her, and how much she was paid.