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The Truth Will Have Its Day

By Charlie Daniels 6.1.13

Ever since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, except for very brief pauses, government entitlements have been on the increase until they are now considered by many to be just what the name implies: an entitlement, a birthright, a lifelong stipend, a cradle-to-grave monthly check that increases every time another child is born.

About half of America is dependent on the government to one degree or another and delivers a solid voting block for the candidate who promises to deliver the most goodies.

Presidents who continually increase the public handout can do no wrong in the eyes of a majority of the recipients of their largess. And this attitude of invincibility spills over into the public support of everything and every decision that the president makes and gives him unprecedented latitude to blame everything on someone else, shirk responsibility, appoint incompetent, arrogant people to positions of great power and take political partisanship to a historical high. Continue reading


Dark Times In America

By Paul Nail 6.1.13

15-year-old is adult; twenty-six is a child’ from the sacrament of the leftist religion, to their dependency culture. It gives a perfect example of the counter cultures moral values, and their disdain for human life.

The illustration of dark times in the history of America. An uninformed majority of people have lost their common sense of morality and value for freedom. It’s real Fast and Furious for a president to get caught allowing gun smuggling; into a neighboring country; aiding and abetting drug cartels, which led to thousands of murders, in order to facilitate a gun control campaign in his own country.

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