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Egypt’s Military-{{{Obama}}}-Muslim Brotherhood

As we celebrate the nations Independence; a half a world away, across the Atlantic Ocean and across the continent of Africa to the Nile delta, a nation with Revolution and Independence on their mind. An awakening of sort; Mursi insulted the office of the presidency which triggered a military power grab-back, from a radical Islamic based Government, with ever increasing evidence of genocide and persecutions of all other faiths and beliefs in freedom and liberty. The right to pursue ones happiness is something worth fighting for. It’s why I never could understand a part of the voting public here; they seem to take our freedom for granite. Our forefathers must have revered the ancient Egyptian culture for they used so much of it in our symbols and architecture, ancient ideas that spread out from that region many centuries ago. And ancient idea bounces back across the vastness in the bleak of an eye, taking shape on the other side of planet in a very different way. We all quietly root for the people of a country so enthralled in authoritarianism to break free, but it is a good reminder of just how hard it is to break free from a tyrant once they’ve took over.

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